Keeping Critters from Nesting on Your Roof

Keeping Critters from Nesting on Your Roof

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It’s not uncommon for small animals to try to turn your attic into their home. Many homeowners are alerted to the presence of critters in their attic when they begin to hear them running across their attic floor above. However, animals in your attic are more than just an aggravation. They can cause serious damage to your home. The good news is that there are a few easy steps you can take to keep animals like squirrels, rats, and more out of your attic for good.

What to do About Animals in Your Attic

The first thing you want to do if you discover animals have been nesting in your attic is to find out how they are getting in. Animals typically access your attic through damaged areas on your roof. Most commonly, they will find spots where flashing is failing and use that as an entry point. Most animals do not need a large space to gain into your attic, so even a small area of damage can leave you vulnerable to pests.

If you suspect that animals are getting in through your roof, it’s important that you have the area inspected and repaired by a professional roofing contractor. They will make sure that all access points are completely shut off to any potential intruders. Once animals get underneath your flashing, they will typically scratch their way through insulation or any other barriers to get into your attic. That means that there is typically patchwork that needs to be done on the inside of your attic as well.

Once all the necessary repairs have been done, you may be concerned that there are still animals left inside your attic. With their entry point now closed off, you will need to set up traps to catch them inside of your attic. Otherwise, they may move on to other parts of your home. Once you’ve completely cleared your attic of pests, take some time to thoroughly clean the area. Wild animals can carry many diseases that can infect humans, so make sure that there are no droppings or other debris leftover.

Keeping Animals Out for Good

Once your attic is secure, there are ways that you can avoid any infestations in the future. First, make sure that you have your roof inspected regularly so they can identify any areas of damage were critters might get in. It’s also a good idea to make it as difficult as possible for animals to reach your roof in the first place. Many times, squirrels and other small animals will gain access to your roof via nearby tree branches. If you have any trees near your house, make sure that they are always trimmed back away from your roof.

If you suspect that animals are getting into your attic because of damaged areas on your roof, call our office today to schedule a roof inspection. We will quickly dispatch one of our team members to identify and repair any problems on your roof and help you keep unwanted guests out of your attic for good.


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