Five of the Most Common Roofing Problems

Five of the Most Common Roofing Problems

Catching on to any roof damage sooner rather than later can end up saving you a ton of money. Roofs are an essential part of your home that protects the inside of your house and its structure as well. Replacing an entire roof can end up being a lengthy and costly process, which is why it pays to know what to look out for. Below are five of the most common roofing problems that homeowners experience. We hope this article provides you with some valuable information and helps you avoid a full roof replacement.


Tree Related Damage


Tree damage is a worst nightmare for homeowners. Imagine having a giant tree fall onto your home after a rough storm. Tree damage comes in a lot of different forms. It can occur from having limbs that make contact with the roof over time or also result from having branches, limbs, or parts of trees fall directly on the roof. You want to avoid having your shingles wear away on your roof at all costs. Keep an eye on any trees that are close to your roof and have landscapers trim the branches back if necessary.


Roofing Leaks


If you own a home and have a roof, chances are you will need to deal with a leak at some point. Broken shingles, cracked flashing, or just some simple wear and tear on your roof can all lead to leaks. Keep an eye out for leaks by looking for signs such as damp walls or discolored ceilings. The great news is that a roof leak can easily be fixed by calling the experts at Custom Roof Company.


Snow and Ice Related Damages


Continuing with the theme of potential weather damages to your roof, you need to be conscious of how snow and ice can affect the strength of your roof. Moisture that penetrates beneath your shingles can cause serious problems if you aren’t aware that it has gotten through. It helps to have a great roofing company to come and take a look every spring and fall so that you can catch any snow and ice-related damage before it gets too severe.


Bad Installation Job


If you don’t have a professional team of roofing experts like Custom Roof Company handling your roof installation, you could be costing yourself a lot of money. If a roof is poorly installed, it is more susceptible to all of the roof problems mentioned above and more. Your roof’s life span will be significantly lower with poor installation. You will likely end up paying a lot of money in repairs and additional maintenance with a bad installation job.


Roof Shrinkage


The materials that make up a roof are known to shrink over time. This can lead to roof damage like deterioration and flashing issues. This is especially true if your roof was constructed with a synthetic roof cover. If your roof is indeed covered with EPDM or other synthetic roof covers, you need to make sure you avoid roof shrinkage at all costs.








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