Why You Should Never DIY Your Roof Repair

Why You Should Never DIY Your Roof Repair

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Many homeowners take pride in tackling household projects on their own. There certainly is a feeling of pride that comes with knowing that you were able to solve a problem in your home without the need of any outside help. However, when it comes to your roof repairs and maintenance, it may be best to seek the help of a professional.


Roofing contractors are required to go through thorough training to learn how to work upon a roof safely. Even if you’re confident that you can walk and work on your roof with no issues, the unexpected can always happen. Roofing contractors have specialized equipment that protects them from any unexpected falls. A fall off even a single-story roof can be extremely dangerous. The injuries sustained from a roof fall can often last for a lifetime. Rather than risking your own safety, it’s best to allow a roofing contractor to handle the job.


It’s possible that you are very comfortable doing repair work without your home. However, even the most capable homeowner likely doesn’t have the experience required to tackle a roof repair. A proper roof repair goes far beyond a simple patch job. When doing a roof repair, contractors have to concern themselves with the integrity of your roof structure, flashing, and the roofing material itself. If your roof repair is not done properly, there could be small vulnerable areas on your roof that will eventually lead to roof leaks. A roof leak can cause all sorts of problems including wood rot and mold infestations in your home.

Home Warranties

If you have a home warranty that includes your roof, you may risk voiding your warranty protecting if you DIY your roof repair. When you make a claim on your warranty, you will likely be required to produce documentation for any repairs or adjustments that have been made on your roof. If your warranty holder finds out that you have DIY’d your roof repair, they could move to nullify your warranty completely. That means that you will be responsible to pay for any repairs on your roof out of pocket. Serious roof repairs could cost thousands of dollars, so this isn’t a risk that you should take on.

When to Call a Professional

Many homeowners are reluctant to call on a professional roofing contractor for their repairs because they are afraid it will cost them a great deal of money. However, you may be surprised at how affordable a professional roofer can be. This is especially true if you are able to catch issues with your roof early. Having periodic roof inspections done on your home can help your roofing contractor detect any areas of concerns before they turn into costly issues. If you’re due for a roof inspection, or if you require a repair on your roof, contact our office today. Our team of experienced roofing contractors are always standing by to help you with all of your roofing needs. Plus, we offer some of the most competitive prices you will find.

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