Understanding the Color of Your Roof Water Stain

Understanding the Color of Your Roof Water Stain

There’s nothing worse than coming home to notice a dark stain on your roof. The roof is one of the first things that people notice about your house. Also, your roof is the primary defense against the elements outside. It helps you control the temperatures within your house and ensures that the structure of your house stands sturdy for years. There are a variety of reasons why a roof might be stained. It can be a lack of maintenance, constantly wet conditions, or signs of damage.

Over time, a water stain can completely change the appearance of your roof. It might even be a signal that you need to invest in some serious roof repairs. Roof stains typically show up in a few different colors. Each color appears for its own unique reasons, which is why it’s important to understand the differences between each roof water stain. If you are dealing with water stains and would like a professional to come out and take care of the issue for you, reach out to Custom Roof Company today. We will be detailing the differences between the most common colors of water roof stains below.

White or Yellow Water Stains

If you notice that your roof has a white or yellow stain, you could be dealing with hard water buildup. Hard water is essentially water that has not been treated with a cleaning process. That means there are natural minerals and other deposits that can affect your roof. Hard water deposits can cause these white or yellow water stains to damage your roof and leave you with an eyesore. If you notice white or yellow water stains on your roof, reach out to custom roof company as soon as you can to have a professional come out and assess the damage.

Green or Black Water Stains

Some of the other common colors you might notice staining your roof are green and black. This stain pretty much means that you have living organisms growing directly on your roof. A green or black stain is usually made up of algae or moss that is growing due to damp conditions that are exposed to sunlight. These stains can certainly cause damage to your roof over time. They can also lead to other harmful organisms being attracted to your roof. It’s always a good idea to deal with green or black water stains promptly to avoid paying for permanent damage to your roof.

You might think that power washing your roof is the best solution when you are dealing with water stains like the ones mentioned above. Scrubbing with a power wash is actually not a great idea because it can make the stain worse and lead to permanent damage if you aren’t careful. The best way to deal with water stains on your roof is to call a professional. Reach out to Custom Roof Company today to have one of our expert team members come out to assess the damage on your roof.

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