The Importance of Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

The Importance of Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

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We’ve all heard the old adage “prevention is the best medicine”. This is not only sound advice for your own health, but it can also be applied to the health of your commercial building as well, specifically when it comes to your roof. Neglecting to have your roof looked at by a professional on a regular basis could come with some pricey consequences. That’s why we always try to stress to our commercial clients just how important it is to schedule roof inspections at least one or twice a year. Professional roof inspections can save you a great deal of money down the road.

During an inspection, our roofing contractor is able to identify and repair minor problems before they become large, costly issues. The thing about roofing issues that they typically don’t occur suddenly. Rather, tiny areas of damage worsen over time. Even if you try to self-inspect your roof yourself from time to time, these problem areas may be easy to miss. A professional roofing contractor, however, has the experience necessary to spot even the most minute issue and take the necessary action to ensure it does not get worse.

Unfortunately, by the time you notice an issue such as a leak inside of your building, it’s possible that your roof and the structure below it has already sustained some serious damage. The cost of dealing with mold, equipment damage, or loss of inventory can be very significant as compared to having a routine inspection. What’s more, if you have a new roofing system that is still under warranty, you may void your ability to make a claim if you don’t get an inspection by a qualified roofing contractor periodically. It’s a good idea to read over your warranty to find out how often you are required to have a professional inspection.

When is the best time for a Roof Inspection?

There is really no right or wrong time to have a roof inspection. Scheduling your bi-annual inspections about six months apart should be sufficient. If you’re not on a regular schedule for roofing inspections, then at a minimum you should start either before or after major shifts in the weather. For example, if you are about to go into a rainy season in your area or if you’ve just experienced a major storm, it might be a good idea to contact your trusted roofing professional for an inspection.

In Between Roof Inspections

You don’t’ have to wait until you’re due for a professional inspection to check on the health of your roof. While it is necessary to get a periodic inspection from your trusted roofing professional, you can also spot check your roof for issues in between appointments. Look for signs of pooling water, lifted flashing, punctures, or piles of debris. Be sure to notify to schedule an immediate inspection at the first sign of any of these issues.

If your roof is due for an inspection, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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