How to Prepare your Commercial Roof for Winter

How to Prepare your Commercial Roof for Winter

Every year, when the temperature starts to turn colder, many property owners neglect to prepare for how the frigid weather can impact their roofing. This can be a costly mistake, especially for commercial property. Dealing with damages like clogged drains, membrane issues, and ponding water can be expensive and interrupt your commercial operations. If you own commercial property, do you know if your roof is going to be able to withstand cold temperature, snow, and ice? If your answer is no, you stand to benefit greatly from this article. Keep reading on to learn how you can prepare your commercial roof for winter.

Do an Assessment of Your Commercial Roofing

The first thing you should do to make sure your commercial roof is ready to withstand the winter is to do an honest assessment. How old is your roof? Have you been scheduling regular maintenance checks from a professional roofing company? If you aren’t sure of your commercial roof’s service history or know that it is pretty old, you could be due for some maintenance. Imagine what would happen if your roof collapses after it snows? This could be extremely hard to deal with. Commercial roofs wear down over time, so it is a great idea to assess where your roof is at before the winter begins.

Invest in a Commercial Roof Inspection

Owning commercial property can certainly be expensive, but making massive repairs or replacing an entire commercial roof will be a lot pricier than scheduling a roof inspection. You can contact a professional roofing company like Custom Roof Company to come and take a look at your roof before the winter starts. A physical examination of your roof by a professional can help you make sure that your commercial roof is 100% winter ready.

Make the Necessary Repairs

After your commercial roofing inspection, you should receive a detailed report of what needs to be fixed. You might be hesitant to make the investment in immediate repairs, but this can come back to bite you during the frigid winter months. Commercial roofs are normally the most important parts of a building, which is why investing money in repairs is a smart idea.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof Throughout the Winter

Even if you follow the steps mentioned above, you still need to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your roof throughout the winter. New problems can come up due to harsh temperature changes or snow, so make sure you stay alert for any problems that come up throughout the winter months. There’s nothing like getting three feet of snow on top of your commercial roof. Even if you have done the preventative steps we mentioned earlier, the impact of cold weather can still cause issues.


If you have a commercial roof that you would like to winter-proof, contact Custom Roof Company today. We can come out for an inspection and make any of the necessary repairs to keep your commercial property in good shape throughout the coldest months of the year.









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