How Can Hail Damage Your Roof?

How Can Hail Damage Your Roof?

If you live in an area that is prone to experiencing hail storms, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit about what types of damage it can cause to your roof. Inclement weather can strike at any time, which means you never know when you might be dealing with hail. Hail is a very unique type of weather that can present homeowners with a unique set of problems to look out for. That’s why we’ve put together a list below which details a few of the ways that hail can damage your roof. After reading this article, you should have a great idea about what type of roof damage to look out for after a big hail storm. If you are interested in hiring a professional roofing contractor to help out with your roof damage, reach out to Custom Roof Company today.

1. Dents to Flashing

One of the easiest ways to see if your roof has experienced hail damage is to check out the flashing. If you notice visible dents or damage on the metal flashing, the chances are you will have some form of hail damage on your roof. It’s important to consider the type of roofing material you have as well because certain materials will have different damage than others. If you have an asphalt roof, you should definitely look out for dents in your flashing.

2. Punctures

When you think about how hail can damage your roof, it’s important to remember what hail is exactly. They are essentially tiny rocks of ice that are falling from the sky at high speeds. Many homeowners deal with punctures to their roof after a hail storm. It’s always a good idea to repair any punctures to your roof as soon as you can before things get worse. Slate is a roofing material that is particularly susceptible to punctures after a hail storm. These punctures can allow moisture to get into your home and result in additional damage like mold. Make sure you reach out to Custom Roof Company after a big hail storm to have a professional come out and take a look at the damage to your roof.

3. Damaged Shingles

Your shingles are an essential part of your roofing system. If any of those shingles experience damage or is detached, you could be facing bigger problems at a later date. Hail can cause direct damage to your shingles and result in water seeping through your roof. Sometimes, it can be difficult for homeowners to recognize damaged shingles on their own. That’s why it’s always smart to have a reliable roofing contractor to reach out to. You can call Custom Roof Company if you think your shingles have been damaged by hail.

We hope this article has helped you learn a little bit more about the potential damage risks from a hail storm. Remember that the longer you wait to repair roof damage the worse things will get. It’s always a good practice to get roof damage repaired sooner rather than later.

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