Choosing the Right Color for Your Metal Roofing

Choosing the Right Color for Your Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a great choice for homeowners that are looking for a roof type that is both sturdy and stylish. It’s a roofing option that you can expect to stand up against the elements and last for many years. However, just because you’ve decided on metal roofing for your home doesn’t mean that you don’t have more choices to make. You will need to choose a color for your metal roofing that makes your house look great and matches your personal tastes. There are a few different metal roof colors you can choose from, so keep reading on below to learn about choosing the right color for your metal roof. If you have any questions about metal roofing or are looking to invest in roofing services, contact Custom Roof Company today.

1. Plain Colors

You can’t go wrong with plain colors for your metal roof. Neutral colors like tan, brown, grey, and navy can provide your home with a classic look. These colors are great because they can pair with pretty much anything. They are also great because they will reflect heat, which can save you tons of money on your energy bills, particularly during the summer. This is a great color choice for people that are having a hard time deciding because plain and neutral colors always look great. You can always add color to your home in other ways if you go with one of these colors for your roof.

2. Red Roofing

If you are looking to choose a metal roof color that makes your home really stand out, you should look into red roofing. It’s a bold color that looks great with neutral siding. You can make your property really pop with red roofing and add nice accents with colorful flowers and a nice green lawn. There are several hues of reds you can choose from depending on how much attention you are looking for. This is a great option for homeowners that want to make a statement on their block.

3. Ocean Hues

If your home is near the ocean or you are looking to create a tropical vibe for your home, you can’t go wrong with ocean-inspired hues for your metal roofing. Choosing a blue or blue-green color for your metal roof can provide a coastal aesthetic that will conjure images of the ocean and beach houses. This a great option for homeowners that are looking to portray a laid back vibe with your home.

All of these metal roofing colors are great options and can take the style of your home to entirely new heights. If you are interested in having a metal roof installed on your home or if you have questions about metal roofing, reach out to Custom Roof Company today. We can help you with timely and expert roofing services and even help you choose the right color for your metal roofing. Reach out to Custom Roof Company today for more information and a free quote.

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