3 Issues That Are the Result of Trapped Moisture

3 Issues That Are the Result of Trapped Moisture

If you own property, you probably understand just how important your roofing system is. Your roof keeps the structure of your house safe and helps to regulate the temperature within the building. Properties are typically constructed with an insulation system combined with the roofing to help regulate the temperature and keep your energy bills low. That’s why you should always emphasize proper maintenance for your roofing and hire true professionals to come out and fix your roofing if needed. One of the biggest risks to both residential and commercial roofing is moisture. Water can wreak havoc on your roofing if you aren’t careful. Keep reading on to learn about 3 issues that are the result of trapped moisture and remember to reach out to Custom Roof Company if you are interested in the best quality roofing services.

1. Issues with the Roof Deck

Whenever you are dealing with trapped moisture in your roof, it’s better to get things fixed sooner rather than later. Trapped moisture can even lead to issues with the roof deck if you aren’t careful. Metal decking serves as a support for the roof assembly, which means it’s very important. Moisture from roof leaks can cause the metal on your roof deck to rust. This corrosive damage can lead to serious safety risks and can present big problems for the integrity of the metal roof deck. This is an issue that is more common for commercial roofing, which means it’s definitely important to keep in mind for those commercial property owners with roof decks.

2. HVAC Problems

Another issue that is the result of trapped moisture in your roofing is related to the HVAC system. Your HVAC system will have to work a lot harder to control the temperature if moisture is trapped within your roofing. Imagine your HVAC system and energy bills after a month of trying to control the temperature of wet insulation. You can end up paying a small fortune in repairing the structural integrity of your building along with high energy bills. This is one issue that you should take care of as soon as possible to avoid excessive costs.

3. Additional Damage to Your Roofing

Once water is trapped in your roofing system, things can get worse very quickly. Moisture can easily result in further damage to your roofing if you don’t get it fixed quickly. The water can create pressure in your roofing as it gets heated that may lead to blister in your roofing. It can also result in additional leaks and damage to the flashing. Getting moisture trapped in your roofing system can lead to a ton of different issues and make things worse over time if you don’t get it repaired.

We hope this article has helped you learn some valuable things about dealing with trapped moisture in your roofing. Reach out to Custom Roof Company today if you are interested in roofing services from the best contractor on the market.

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