Smart Ways to Find a Roof Leak

Smart Ways to Find a Roof Leak

As homeowners, it’s up to us to keep a watchful eye out for any potential problems and maintenance issues. Roof leaks are a common issue that homeowners have to deal with. The problem is, finding the roof leak is not an easy task. It’s easy enough to recognize there is an issue thanks to classic signs of leaks like mold growth and water stains, but finding the actual source of the leak is another challenge altogether. The truth is that if you don’t take care of roof leaks as quickly as possible, you can end up with permanent damage to your roof and your home. That’s why we’ve created a list of a few smart ways to find a roof leak below to help you out. If you would like a professional to come out and examine your roof, connect with Custom Roof Company today.

1. Head to the Attic

It makes sense to head to your attic as soon as you notice signs of a leak inside your home. That’s because your attic is the closest you can get to your roof without physically being on top of it. Inside your attic, bring a flashlight and check for any dark, shiny, or wet areas. Keep in mind that if it hasn’t rained recently in your area, you might have a harder time locating the problem areas. If you aren’t able to locate the source of the leak in the attic, it’s time for a different approach.

2. Check Insulation

The insulation between your roof and your home is another great way to find the source of a roof leak. The thing to know about insulation is that it will experience water damage a lot quicker than wood will. That means it offers a great way to find a roof leak. Insulation that is damaged or deteriorated is a tell-tale sign of a leak. If you notice a problem area of insulation, remove the insulation that is adjacent to the spot and try to follow the path of water to your roof.

3. Simulate Rain with a Garden Hose

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to locate a leak if the weather has been dry. A smart tip for finding a roof leak is to simulate the rain with a garden hose. Simply have someone spray water on the roof while someone else is inside the attic checking for signs of a leak. Take things section by section and keep an eye out for any signs of leakage.

4. Hire a Roofing Company

If you’ve tried everything you can to locate a roof leak on your property, you might just want to hire a roofing company to come out and take a look. There’s no substitute for years of roofing experience. Reach out to Custom Roof Company to have an expert come out and check your roof for leaks. They can also help you get things repaired after the source of the damage has been located.

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