Going Green: 8 Impressive Benefits of a Grass Roof

Going Green: 8 Impressive Benefits of a Grass Roof

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Did you know having a grass roof can significantly raise your home’s property value? Your home won’t be the only one, even your neighbor’s homes could increase drastically in value thanks to your literally lively roof.

If you’re looking for serious ways to really “go green,” a grass roof is a great way to start.

For the environmentally conscious home-owner, we’ve compiled this list of 8 impressive benefits of installing a grass roof on your home.

8 Benefits of a Grass Roof

Even if you’re not the most environmentally concerned individual, these 8 benefits of installing a grass roof just may convince you it’s worth making a change…

1. Lower Your Energy Costs

Who doesn’t like saving a little moolah? Well, a grass roof can certainly do it for you.

How? Unlike your typical tar roof, grass roofs cut your energy bill by absorbing the sun’s heat instead of drawing it. They also help to insulate your home.

Even six inches of green grass extended across your roof can cut your summer energy bill drastically.

Because a green roof lowers your need for AC during the summer, you’re in turn reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Hurray for green!

2. Longer Roof Life

With a green grass roof, your home’s roof-life is extended. The grass roof protects your roof and the underlying materials from the ware and tear of extreme heat.

With sunlight backing down on your roof all day, all year, this can really take a toll on your structure. However, the green grass roof lowers the temperature of those materials and just like with your skin, prevents sunlight induced premature aging.

A green roof is estimated to last almost twice as long as a typical roof because they are better protected from harsh weather and ultraviolet radiation.

3. Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Yale recently published an article describing the growing popularity of green roofs as a method for combating stormwater runoff and it’s resulting issues. Major flooding, and thus nasty pollution, is a common problem for homes and neighborhoods deep within a city.

The harder surfaces of typical roofs aren’t as good at catching much water. Instead, they send it pouring directly into the streets and yards below.

The average “nonporous” rooftop creates up to five times more stormwater runoff than a wooded area of the same square footage.

An absorbent green roof, however, soaks up and slows down much of that rain runoff. This helps to prevent flash floods and overflowing sewers. Ew.

4. Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect

If you’re unfamiliar with the urban heat island effect, here’s the rundown. Basically, this phenomenon occurs when an urban area like a city, is significantly hotter than the more rural areas surrounding it.

This is caused because of the high concentration of buildings made of harsh metals or materials that attract loads of heat.

What is the best solution to this problem? You guessed it, greenery!

Green roofs are a major remedy to the urban heat island effect. Grass or garden roofs work to absorb the heat of the sun and help bring down the overall temperatures in a city or urban center. Pretty miraculous, eh?

5. Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

More plants equal more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. A green grass roof helps eliminate air pollution by reducing the number of polluting air particles and putting out more oxygen in your area.

The grass and/or plants on a green roof utilize heat energy during evapotranspiration, the natural process which cools the air as water evaporates from the plant leaves. Amazing!

Not only does a grass roof freshen the air, but it contributes to a more peaceful setting in other ways.

A grass roof can help reduce the noise within your home from coming from the outside world. The grass and plants act as a buffer and absorb outside noise from neighbors, cars, or construction going on.

6. Help Maintain Cleaner Rainwater

As mentioned, grass roofs prevent as much rain flow from falling into streets, gutters, and sewers.

This also means you don’t have as much water running through contaminated areas, polluting your city or neighborhood supply.

You’re less likely to have to pay taxes to treat tons of water in your community’s system because there has been less flooding and more water and contaminants are absorbed by plants and grass.

7. Create a Beautiful Retreat

If your home is in a city, it isn’t likely you have space for a backyard or garden to escape to. Even in more rural neighborhoods, yards aren’t always as secluded as you might wish.

One of the wonderful aspects of a grass roof or garden roof is that it provides a private location to get some peace.

Whether you stick simply with grass or decide to add a variety of plants to your roof, both will require at least some degree of care. This cathartic activity of pruning and maintaining your plant life is proven to reduce stress and increase a sense of overall well-being.

8. Boost Your Home Value

Sure, we touched on it before, but do you realize just how much having a grass roof can boost your home’s value?

The number of home buyers who are seeking property that is energy efficient is rising. Of course, having a home that will provide for lower monthly bills is a draw to potential buyers, but so is having an additional “amenity” space.

Having a grass roof in addition to a yard or garden is especially appealing as it gives homeowners an added sense of luxury. They not only have a place to retreat and relax, but they are literally a step above their neighbors.

Call it petty, but this feeling of prestige and energy-efficient self-righteousness is actually a valued perk for many. Heck, we’re not judging!

Other Natural Roofing Options

If these 8 amazing perks of a grass roof don’t convince you it’s time to literally “go green”, perhaps one of these other great roofing alternatives will fit the bill.

You can choose anything from solar panels to wood shingles.

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